BMW M ready to burn the midnight oil?

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A couple of days ago BMW released this teaser title ‘A new chapter powered by M. Step 1.’ The hot tip is we’re looking at the first diesel powered M car.

Here at AUSmotive we don’t care too much for the X6 at the best of times, so if BMW is going to cause some short term pain to its brand image by plonking a diesel in one of its cars we’d rather they get it right in this monstrosity, before, more appropriately perhaps, sticking one into a 5 Series, or whatever.

As a longer term vision we can’t see too much wrong with future BMWs wearing variations of Md badging. As the world changes, the motoring industry must follow. The idea of high-torque powerplants appeals to us very much. If that end goal is achieved by conventional petrol engines, multi-turbo diesels or even electric power we don’t care too much, as long as fun can be had along the way.

You only have to look at how Audi, and to a lesser extent Peugeot, have rewritten the performance rule book, literally as it happens, with their overwhelming dominance at Le Mans to see how far diesel power can be pushed.

BMW are no mugs. They will get diesel powered performance spectacularly right.