Mk3 Audi TT on track for 2014 debut

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Mk3 Audi TT rendering

Car has come up trumps again with some sold info on the Mk3 Audi TT. It’s expected Audi will launch the third-gen TT in 2014 with the company’s R&D boss Michael Dick revealing, “It will be a fusion of the Mk1 and Mk2. Expect a more sinewy and athletic car. The design remains iconic, but the driving dynamics will advance significantly.”

That’s an interesting final comment from Dick, considering the TT will be built on the new MQB platform. That means it’s either great news for the dynamics of all cars to be built on the platform, or its versatility will allow Audi to tune the chassis with a greater degree of accuracy depending on the application.

[Source: Car | Rendering: Larson/Auto Bild]