Ferrari F70 expected to use 7.3 litre V12

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Ferrari F70 sketch

It’s been almost a year since we had any news on Ferrari’s replacement for the decade-old Enzo, but now reports have emerged which start to paint a clearer picture. First, Ferrari could return to a more traditional badge by labelling the car the F70. Secondly, more concrete speculation says the Enzo replacement will be powered by a 7.3 litre V12 plus a KERS-hybrid system.

You’ll remember our last report included this quote from a Ferrari insider, “We are Ferrari—we do not take part to make up the numbers.” And that’s why rumours suggest the F70 will offer an impressive 920hp (approx 690kW). Around 800hp will come from the V12, with the F1-inspired KERS unit to provide the extra 120hp in limited bursts.

It’s expected we’ll get a first look at this new engine, in a different state of tune, when the F620 is revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. An exact reveal date for the F70 is unknown at this stage, but it is expected this year.

However, the punchline of the F70 comes via its waistline; it’s expected to tip the scales at a relatively light 1140kg. Imagine a 920hp powered MINI Cooper S to give that weight some context!

[Source: Automobile | Pic: WCF/Larson]