Renault reminds us they make F1 engines

Renault Megane RS, Formula One livery

Red Bull Racing, Williams, Caterham and Lotus will all be running Renault engines in 2012. And just in case you had forgotten, they have prepped these four Megane RS models to act as a reminder.

As these cars are left hand drive we imagine they’ll be touring around the globe with the F1 circus so fans the world over will get a chance to see them up close.

The promotional cars are designed to help demonstrate to buyers there is a direct link from F1 car to road car. So, are you convinced?

Renault Megane RS, Formula One livery

Mégane R.S. Showcases Formula 1 Livery

With days to go before this year’s Formula 1 season kicks off, Renault Sport Technologies has unveiled four show cars decked out in the livery of the four teams that will be powered by Renault engines in 2012, namely Red Bull Racing, Lotus F1 Team, Caterham F1 Team and Williams F1 Team.

These four Mégane R.S.-based vehicles will be on display and used at events and sports demonstrations attended by Renault over the year. They highlight Renault’s 35-year commitment to Formula 1.

Renault has built up its technological expertise throughout its involvement in Formula 1, during which time it has secured 10 constructors’ world titles. This expertise has now been carried over to its mass-market road cars, from the brand-new Energy line of powerplants to the R.S. range of sporting models.