The new Porsche Boxster by Volkswagen

2012 Porsche Boxster

Word has come through via Wards Auto that Volkswagen will build the new Porsche Boxster. Don’t worry, it’s not a rehash of the 914 collaboration, rather a development of a previous arrangement that Porsche used to have with Finland-based Valmet Automotive.

Porsche will still concentrate Boxster production at its main Zuffenhausen plant, but any overflow will be taken care of by the former Karmann facility in Osnabrück.

Of course, VW has a long association with Karmann, which became something more serious after the coachbuilders filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and Volkswagen stepped in to pick up the pieces.

It’s not the first time Porsche has done this after recently ending a similar agreement with Valmet. Between 1997 and 2011 almost 230,000 Boxsters/Caymans originated from Finland.

[Source: Wards Auto]