Top Gear special coming to outback Australia?

Toyota Hilux prepared for TopGear

Top Gear and Toyota are shouting about some newly modified Hilux models prepared for the show. Of course, it’s a successful combination that has conquered the north pole and that volcano in Iceland which nobody can pronounce.

We’ve thought for a while that the last remaining frontier for the Top Gear specials was the Australian outback. We’ll find out for sure where these new Hilux creations are heading next month when all is revealed in Top Gear magazine.

Look, there’s not really much to go on to think the Top Gear lads are headed down under, but a couple of possible clues are revealed with the ARB stickers and the off-ground sleeping accommodation.

ARB is an Australian company specialising in 4×4 modifications which began in the mid 1970s, their website says: “Back then, 4WDers relied on home made or ill fitting equipment that was not designed for extensive Outback expeditions. Endless corrugated roads, extreme temperatures, and the heavy loads carried by Australian travellers were extremely punishing on vehicles that regularly tackled these kinds of conditions.”

We also know that James, Jeremy and Richard are not particularly fond of creepy crawlies, not to mention slithery snakes; we do some pretty nasty ones here in Australia. So having sleeping accommodation that is off the ground is probably a wise idea.

They’ve also ensured the roof rails are strong enough to carry extra fuel. Something that is essential with the outback’s immense distances where it can be days between one town and the next.

We may be way off the mark here, but we reckon the Top Gear blokes are coming down under and we welcome them with open arms. And redback spiders. And tiger snakes. And hungry crocodiles. At least they should be pretty safe from great white sharks.

[Source: Top Gear & Toyota UK | Thanks to Wes for the tip]

Toyota Hilux prepared for TopGear