Next-gen MINI to axe centrally-mounted speedo

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MINI F56 interior spied

Here’s one of the first looks inside the new 2013 F56 MINI and the first thing you’ll notice is the lack of a dinner plate-sized speedometer. According to MotoringFile the reason for this rests with the fact the F56 will share many electronic components with the front-wheel drive version of the BMW 1 Series.

Of course, BMW/MINI could keep the well-known centre-mount speedo, but the fact it rates poorly in consumer surveys means it’s not really worth the time and cost to do so. Sadly, we think, that’s just another sign that BMW is slowly diluting the charm and character of the MINI brand.

It’s expected a circular speedo will be placed on the steering column, much the same as the rev counter is now on the current R56 MINI. The rev counter will move beside the speedo, but in a smaller sized dial.

[Source: MotoringFile | Pic: Auto Express]