Webber pissed off at Monaco GP cheat claims

Mark Webber

Leading into the Canadian Grand Prix it’s no surprise Mark Webber was asked about the holey floor on his Red Bull RB8. In the time since Mark won the Monaco Grand Prix, the FIA has judged the ‘tyre squirt slots’ on the RB8 to be illegal, which has led to claims that Red Bull cheated their way to victory.

Until their latest ruling the FIA had previously approved the holes in the floor of the RB8; indeed that configuration of floor had been used in the previous three races, including Monaco.

According to Webber, Red Bull was planning to move away from the slots in any case. “We had some changes for Valencia anyway which included no hole, irrespective of the rule change,” he said.

But when asked if it was fair he won in Monaco with an illegal car Mark fired up. “In relation to winning races with an illegal car, I’m happy to be called lots of things and I’m happy to have criticism about my driving and lots of stuff, but I will not take criticism in that respect,” exclaimed Webber.

“It completely pisses me off to be honest, because the car has passed every single, every single technical regulation after the race. All of the teams that were against it did not make any protest after Monaco,” he added.

“The car passed the test after Bahrain, the car passed the test after Monaco and now there has been a clarification on the rule, and the rule now is different and we had a car that was legal for the first part of the season and now the rule has been changed and we will start again.”

[Pic: Red Bull/Getty Images]