Subaru Australia prices BRZ sub-$38K driveaway

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Subaru BRZ

Subaru Australia will sell the BRZ for less than $38,000 when local pricing is officially announced next Monday (16 July). Unlike its Toybaru cousin which is offered in two trim levels, the BRZ will be offered in Australia as a single model line with relatively high levels of standard equipment.

An AUSmotive reader was today told the driveaway price for a 6-speed manual BRZ would be $37,150 (may vary depending on your state’s taxes etc). That would make list pricing somewhere in the mid $30K range.

While the BRZ is expected to be high-spec compared to the Toyota 86, there will still be options available. Expect the auto gearbox to be close to the $2500 Toyota charges and, one from left field, heated leather/alcantara seats to be $1500.

Toyota Australia is enjoying strong demand with its very well priced 86 offering and expects to shift some 250 models per month. But don’t start thinking the arrival of the BRZ, now in Australian showrooms, will do much to boost supply. Speaking to Carsguide last month Subaru Australia boss, Nick Senior, revealed they have limited the BRZ to around 30 units per month for the first six months.

“We are going to be very constrained in terms of supply. We’re likely to get 201 cars for the first six months,” Senior said. “We had an order bank, but we got to the stage that we had to say we couldn’t take any more orders.”

We’ll bring you the official word from Subaru as soon as it comes to hand.

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UPDATE 12 July: We’ve been doing a bit more digging today and have found conflicting information on the pricing shown above. First we came across some info that indicated the pricing we listed may be list figures only, not including on roads. Soon after we found something else which supported the pricing we received last night. Looks like we won’t know for certain until next Monday.