Lotus says, “Forget Paris!”

Lotus Elite

A couple of years ago Lotus surprised the motoring world when it ambushed the Paris Motor Show with ambitious plans for six new models: the Elan, Elise, Elite (pictured), Espirt, Eterne and finally the seemingly obligatory City Car concept. It really was quite something. Yet, now, in 2012, Lotus won’t even bother turning up to Paris when the bright lights are switched on in September, according to Car and Driver.

Since the glitz and glam of the 2010 bonanza celebrity CEO Dany Bahar has landed himself in something of a pickle, which ultimately turned out to be a dole queue. And Lotus continues to deny reports it is struggling following the buyout of parent company Proton by DRB-Hicom.

Those fearing the end of Lotus can take heart from their recent showing at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where their history and tradition was proudly on display, and see that all is not lost.

We trust their absence from Paris is merely to allow them to get their house in order, reshape Bahar’s world domination plans into something more palatable and that we will soon see Lotus back on the road promoting their hopefully ambitious, but realistic wares.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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