German GP: No penalty for Red Bull

2012 German Grand Prix

Stewards have acted quickly after being urged to consider engine map irregularities found in both Red Bull cars by the FIA Technical Delegate, Jo Bauer. A statement has since been released by the stewards clearing Red Bull:

“The stewards received a report from the FIA technical delegate, along with specific ECU data from Red Bull Racing cars one and two. The stewards met with the team representatives and the representative of the engine supplier Renault.

“While the stewards do not accept all the arguments of the team, they however conclude that as the regulation is written, the map presented does not break the text of article 5.5.3 of the Formula One Technical Regulations and therefore decide to take no further action.”

That means Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber will start the race from P2 and P8 respectively. We also expect Article 5.5.3 of the regs may get a rewrite quite soon.

[Source: F1 fanatic]