BMW Z4 LCI raises design questions

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BMW Z4 LCI spied

Here’s a spy shot of the BMW Z4 LCI. In case you don’t know LCI stands for life cycle impulse and, no, we’re not kidding. It’s a fancy name for facelift or refresh, which most manufacturers do to help extend the lifespan of their models.

Anyway, as you can see from the image above, BMW is only making minor adjustments to the Z4, focusing on lighting details. But when we saw that shot we didn’t concern ourselves too much with the changes to the Z4, we just admired its basic shape and reflected on what a nice design the BMW roadster actually is. Okay, it’s not the prettiest ragtop we’ve ever seen, but we do like it.

Unfortunately, it also made us ask: How can the same company that gave us the stylish Z4 also be responsible for this?!

[Source: Autoblog | Pic: CarPix]