VW mentioned in same sentence as F1 (again)

2012 German Grand Prix

As often as Volkswagen denies it is interested in Formula One a new rumour emerges. This time it involves the Sauber F1 Team and the theory was given new life at the German Grand Prix last weekend.

Peter Sauber himself is at the centre of the latest speculation, too. When told of the rumours, rather than deny them he simply replied: “Indeed it is so.”

Sauber went on to add: “At the Geneva Motor Show we had a meeting with [Dr Martin] Winterkorn [Volkswagen Chairman]. We are certainly not going to make public the content of the conversation.”

As has been the case in the past, it may be safe to expect nothing further to come of this. If something did happen, it’s likely Volkswagen would play the role of engine supplier when the new regs start in 2014.

[Source: WCF | Pic: Sauber Motorsport AG]