Lotus could build Renault Alpine A110-50

Renault Alpine A110-50

Autocar brings word that the future of the stunning Renault Alpine A110-50 and the Infiniti Emerg-E concept models could rest on their ability to be adapted to the Lotus Evora platform.

For the Emerg-E it’s a no brainer, as the concept model is already based on the Lotus archictecture, including its drivetrain. But modifcations may be required to the A110-50 if it is to have a future as a low-volume production model.

If the A110-50 is to have any credibility it needs to feature a mid or rear-engined layout, so the Evora seems a good place to start. Renault’s marketing head, Steve Norman, has suggested a third party would be required to get the project over the line and has been quoted as saying it “probably needs more than the Renault-Nissan Alliance on its own”.

On paper, at least, this arrangement could shape as a win-win scenario for all concerned. Let’s hope all this theory becomes reality.

[Source: Autocar]