BMW 3 Series GT spied ahead of expected debut

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BMW 3 Series GT

With the BMW 3 Series GT reported to debut in concept form at next month’s Paris Motor Show it’s quite timely that a new series of spy shots have emerged.

The 3 Series GT will sit rather oddly between the saloon and Touring versions and, surprisingly, we’re desperate to like it. Alas, we fear, in profile view at least, it’s just going to look like a Holden Cruze hatch. And, we think, that’s not something BMW should be proud of.

Adding somewhat to the practicality of the F34 GT is the expectation it will follow the lead set by the 5 Series GT and feature a two-piece opening liftback, or tailgate, or hatch; call it what you will.

Check the source link below for more pics and tell us what you think.

[Source: WCF | Pic: Automedia]