VIDEO: Helter Skelta at Pikes Peak

Jeff Denmeade, 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

It’s often said if you want a job done right you have to do it yourself. And after featuring not one, but two videos of home grown lads getting it all wrong at Pikes Peak we can thank Aussie Jeff Denmeade and his Honda powered Skelta for showing the locals how it’s done.

After the break there are two videos showing Denmeade and Catherine Hammond climb their way to the top of the demanding Pike Peak course. The first from inside the cabin, the latter from the roof of the Australian-built Skelta.

We have to tip our hats to Jeff and Catherine, too, not only for making the return trip to Colorado, but with a time of 11:19.722 they also managed to finish third in the Pikes Peak Open Class (23rd overall). A very tidy effort considering the rain and sleet they encountered as they neared the summit.

Thanks also go to long time AUSmotive reader Stu for bringing our attention to these videos. Stu now lives in the States and was actually in Colorado for the event. A multiple Targa Tasmania competitor, he included this note:

I know why people who are not from the area get there a week before to acclimatise. The bottom of the mountain is already 1600m above sea level and by the time we drove to the top we were feeling quite light headed. Even driving a hire car up at slow pace its quite unnerving as you just have these sheer drop offs!

[Thanks to Stu for the tip | Pic: Jason Odell]