Newey expects engines to dominate from 2014

2012 Hungarian Grand Prix

Adrian Newey, Red Bull’s design guru, reckons getting the best V6 turbo engine will be the key to success when the new regulations take force in 2014. Speaking to Autosport, Newey said the restrictions on aerodynamics are so tight that it could end up being a race for the best engine supplier.

“The chassis regs, aero wise, are a more restrictive version of what we have already,” Newey explained.

“The installation of the engine is obviously something that the teams will work on with their engine manufacturers. It remains to be seen whether someone comes up with something novel there and steals an advantage.

“That means the engine power unit itself, which is not only the internal combustion engine but also the various recovery systems bolted to it.

“It is possible that one manufacturer will do significantly better than the others, at which point you might end up with that manufacturer’s cars at the front of the grid.”

So, it’s not a lot different to last year or two, really, when Red Bull, thanks to Newey, had the best aero package allowing them to dominate the constructors’ championship and Sebastian Vettel to pick up a couple of drivers’ titles.

Renault are no mugs and Newey will be hoping they’re quick out of the blocks in 2014. Assuming Red Bull sticks with the French engine supplier, of course.

[Source: Autosport | Pic: Getty Images/Red Bull]