Australia’s BMW 1M allocation tops 300

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BMW 1 Series M Coupe

When it was first announced the BMW 1 Series M Coupé was coming to Australia we were told “around 100” would be shipped down under. After quickly selling out the initial batch, BMW Australia soon confirmed the rumours it had secured an extra 100 vehicles, bringing Australia’s offical allocation of 1Ms to 200.

Now, over 12 months since the first 1M’s arrived in Australia, brand new models are still being delivered. Thanks to an unofficial tally provided by internet sleuths at the 1addicts forum, the latest shipment of cars unloaded this week brings the local 1M tally to 301, and counting.

For interest’s sake the current breakdown of 1M deliveries across Australia’s four shipping docks according to 1addicts is as follows:

  • Brisbane (QLD) 57
  • Fremantle (WA) 22
  • Melbourne (Vic) 110
  • Port Kembla (NSW) 112

Great news for BMW fans all around the country. Better news for buyers keen to pick up a well cared for 1M second hand!

[Source: 1addicts | Thanks to John for the tip]