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McLaren P12 sketches

Specialist (and unofficial) website Inside McLaren is getting a bit excited at the imminent release of the new P12 hypercar. Apparently select audiences have been given previews of the P12, expected to be unveiled in Paris in a couple of weeks. Some of the info presented in those previews has been shared around the interwebs. How much detail? Enough for Inside McLaren to pen a fictitious report detailing the specs of the car.

We’ve summarised the key points below, but you should follow the link below if you want to read the full text.

  • Model name: MP4-24C
  • Engine: 3.8 litre V8 with 803hp @ 9100rpm
  • F1-inspired KERS unit: Providing extra 160hp
  • Total power: 963hp (720kW)
  • Weight: 1220kg
  • Power to weight: 590kW/tonne (McLaren F1 had around 400kW/tonne)
  • Acceleration: 0–100km/h in 2.8 seconds; 0–200km/h in 6.9 seconds
  • 400m: 9.1 seconds at 260km/h
  • Active aerodynamics: Up to 2Gs of lateral acceleration on standard road tyres
  • Windows: Vacuum formed acrylic, up to 62% lighter than conventional glass; non-stick surface means 24C does not need windscreen wipers
  • Bespoke: Each 24C will be built by McLaren Special Operations according to individual client requests
  • Production: No more than 500 to be built
  • Cost: $1,390,000

Remember, the detail shown above is educated guesswork only. That said, the 24C sounds pretty bloody special, so let’s hope most of what you’ve just read becomes reality.

[Source: Inside McLaren]