Here, have a sneak peek at the BMW 1 Series GT

BMW 1 Series GT

You’re looking at BMW’s first ever front-wheel drive model, the 1 Series Active Concept Tourer. For reasons of convenience we’ll refer to it as the 1 Series GT, although it is also known as the ‘Compactive Tourer’. We’re expecting a full reveal online in the next 24 hours now(!), before making its public debut in Paris.

The image above was leaked by Auto Bild on the cover of their latest magazine and the chaps at BimmerPost have removed the surrounding text and images to leave us with a clean look at the new model. On first viewing, we have to say the 1 Series GT looks pretty smart too. Certainly a bit sharper than its comparatively dopey looking rear-wheel drive sibling.

Interestingly there’s talk the next-generation 1 Series will only be a front-wheel drive model. Of more current day relevance the UKL platform used here will also underpin the new F56 MINI. The front-wheel drive 1 Series and the next-gen MINI will share several components.

[Source: BimmerPost]

UPDATE: BMW has since released official pics and info for the Concept Active Tourer (ie. 1 Series GT).

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‘Compactive tourer’ sounds like some kind of bowel problem… and it looks worse than the 1 series!

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