Is the Panamera Sport Turismo any good?

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Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

When Porsche unveiled the Panamera Sport Turismo at the Paris Motor Show earlier this year it was a revelation. The awkward arse of the Panamera could actually look good. All it needed was a bit more junk in the trunk.

And while the Panamera Sport Turismo remains a concept only, officially speaking. We think it’s pretty clear they will send it down the production line. Which begs the question, is it any good?

Autocar has been lucky enough to be granted a test drive of the concept model, which includes a fully functioning e-hybrid system. Here’s a few thoughts (follow source link below for full story):

“It’s well mannered and genuinely fun to drive. You can whip it down the road with utter confidence, relying on the fluid actions and response that you might expect of a true production car. This is not something you could say of most concepts. The steering is nicely resolved, too: direct away from the straight-ahead and weighty as lock increases. It could use a little more low-speed feedback and a greater eagerness to self-centre, but the electro-mechanical system operates with conviction and precision.”

[Source: Autocar]