Next-gen VW Scirocco to take different path

Volkswagen Scirocco R

For a while there the Volkswagen Scirocco was the ‘it’ car of the moment. It’s dramatic swooping lines were (and still are) a welcome breath of fresh air for the normally reserved VW family.

The only downside, we could see, was that the moment had passed by the time Volkswagen Australia delivered the Scirocco R (almost three years after its European release).

In the planning for the new model Volkswagen’s design boss Walter de Silva says the next-generation Scirocco will be another step forward in terms of its design.

Speaking to Car Advice at the New York Auto Show, de Silva said: “It must be completely different. Completely.”

It’s still early days for the new Scirocco, which has been given the green light for production and de Silva adds the brief is still open.

“We don’t want to repeat the body style of the Scirocco, we want to change that.

“At the moment it’s only a studio [project]. It’s not defined at the moment.

“We are still working … but we are looking 360 degrees.”

Fingers crossed the new Scirocco is as great looking as the current model and that Volkswagen Australia doesn’t torture us again with ‘yes we will’, ‘no we won’t’ deliberations.

[Source: Car Advice]

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The Scirocco to me is a car that always looked better in a picture rather than in the flesh.

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