Rumour: Webber signs 5 year deal with Porsche

Mark Webber

During its coverage of the 6 Hours of Silverstone Radio Le Mans announced that Mark Webber has signed a five-year deal with Porsche to join their World Endurance Championship assault. If the rumour is correct Mark will retire from F1 at the end of this year and start with Porsche in 2014.

Rumours of Webber joining Porsche have been simmering for some time but this is the first instance a firm contract has been mentioned.

The rumour was also posted to twitter by Radio Le Mans:

When we asked Radio Le Mans for comment this was their reply: “Credible sources but I would not expect to see any confirmation until later in the season. Or could be bargaining chip.”

Let’s not lock this deal away just yet, but if, or when it happens, it clearly won’t be surprise to anyone. Indeed, the way it’s looking it will be more of a surprise if Mark stays in F1 beyond the current season.

[Pic: Red Bull/Getty Images | Thanks to Micky for the tip]