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It’s F1 or bust says Robert Kubica

2010 Australian Grand Prix

Almost 1000 days have passed since Robert Kubica last stood on a Formula 1 podium (2010 Belgian Grand Prix), but success in the world’s premier open wheel category is what he craves the most.

“For me, now, the priority is to get as fit as I can,” Kubica told Autosport. “I’m not able to come back into single-seaters at the moment, and my vision is not to come back in saloon cars on the circuit at this stage.”

Kubica, of all people, knows life offers no guarantees and has already declined an offer to race for Mercedes in DTM. He doesn’t categorically rule out racing in tintops or other formulae in the future. Right now he thinks rallying is the best way forward as he continues to rebuild strength in the right arm he severely injured in 2011.

“Maybe one day in the future I will race in DTM or GT or whatever, because I will feel that it’s the right moment. I’m still young, I think I can still achieve something in motorsport, I will try my best.”

“There is not any guarantee, there is no percentage to say whether I will come back or not, but it’s also not 100 per cent that I will not be back in F1. I will try my best.

“I have been through a difficult period, and I’d say it’s an easier period now, I am enjoying myself, but it is still not a totally easy period for me, because I’d definitely prefer to be in F1 driving, 100 per cent fit. The reality is different.

“Now I need a little bit of everything—a little bit of luck and motivation, which I think I have, and to keep working so maybe I have the chance to get back to where I was before the accident.”

For now, the closest Kubica has come to reviving his F1 career is a test in the Mercedes simulator. We’re sure we speak on behalf of all AUSmotive’s readers by wishing Robert the best of luck in his F1 fightback.

[Source: Autosport]

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