It won’t hippen overnight, but it will hippen

Daniel Riccardo

We don’t really know why Red Bull is playing silly buggers and not confirming Daniel Ricciardo’s promotion from Toro Rosso. But the whole world knows it’s going to hippen. Hippen?!

Ah yes, it seems one possible explanation for the delay could be the width of young Daniel’s hips. Yes, really.

It turns out that the 24-year-old Aussie’s hips are wider than Sebastian Vettel’s and Mark Webber’s. Adrian Newey likes a skinny car, you see, and there’s a slight problem of fitting Daniel into the 2104 RB10.

“I’ve got wide hips. It’s not my arse per se. I guess it’s genetic,” explained Daniel to Tom Cary from The Telegraph. “Even when I signed for Toro Rosso we had to do a few seat fits and they did some scans to make that particular part of the cockpit a bit wider, so that we’re not sitting on the actual carbon fibre.

“But yeah, I’ve heard that Adrian does like to build small race cars. I can’t do much about it. Even if I go on a massive diet my hip bones aren’t going to change.”

Another factor indicating Ricciardo is Red Bull bound is his confirmation that he has moved to sunny Monaco. While that takes him away from Milton Keynes where RBR is based, perhaps the young fella has just secured a pay rise that might make the tax-free confines of Monaco a little more attractive.

One thing is certain, Daniel isn’t going to let his hips stop him from getting a chance to be Sebastian’s bitch.

“No chance. I’d shave my hips if necessary. I might die of blood loss but it would be worth it,” he quipped.

[Source: The Telegraph | Thanks to Ryan for the tip]