Alfa Romeo 4C to be priced from AU$75,000?

Alfa Romeo 4C

Everybody loves the Alfa Romeo 4C. And all of us have probably, at some stage, thought about buying one. So what would you think if us Australians could buy a 4C for $75,000? Hmm, an A45 AMG hot hatch or a rear-wheel drive sportscar?

The 4C has the potential to mix it with the exalted Porsche Cayman and for almost half the price. Of course the truth may bear some difference, but a $75K starting price was the word coming out of the 4C’s recent launch in Italy.

A sub-$80K price rumour has been on the cards for several months now. However, it’s always nice to hear such rumours continue as the local launch draws closer.

The 4C ‘Launch Edition’ is confirmed for Australia and is expected to be around $20,000 more than the regular model.

Limited to 1000 examples worldwide, 400 ‘Launch Edition’ models will be shared between Europe, Africa and the Middle East; 500 to the United States and the remaining 100 cars to be shared between the rest of the world.

We asked Alfa Romeo’s Australian contact for a comment on the $75K rumour. Our question and the official reply can be read after the break.

AUSmotive: Are you able to confirm reports in Australian media that the 4C will be priced for the local market starting from $75,000?

Similarly can you provide comment on the pricing for the Launch Edition and the number of orders held for the Launch Edition and regular models?

Fiat Chrysler Group: Pricing for the 4C will be between $80–100K in Australia. Pricing is still not confirmed for our market. We expect the launch edition to be around $20K more than that—around $100–120K, but this is also still to be confirmed.

We currently have around 80 serious expressions of interest, but until production volumes for our market are confirmed, we will not accept any further orders.

It is a fabulous looking car, and the driving experience is exhilarating… we can’t wait to see it in Australia in Q2, 2014.


We wouldn’t rule out a $75K starting price just yet, but it’s still interesting to see the official response sticking to the party line in spite of some fairly solid evidence to the contrary.