Ricky Muir wins Senate seat

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Ricky Muir

One of the most unlikely results from the 2013 federal election has been confirmed by the Australian Electoral Commission today with word that Ricky Muir, Senate candidate for the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party (AMEP) in Victoria, has been elected to Parliament.

We’re not sure what effect, if any, Muir’s six-year term in office will mean for motoring enthusiasts across the country. Speaking before the result was announced Muir said: “It’s an awesome responsibility; exciting and daunting at the same time.

“I am a committed supporter of the AMEP and the freedoms it seeks, but also very conscious of the responsibility I will be taking on if elected to the Senate.”

Aiming to quickly dispel fears the AMEP is all about giving a voice to so-called hoon drivers, Muir stated: “I want to emphasise from the outset that driving which endangers life is not acceptable to our Party, nor the people who represent it.”

He further added driver education would be on his agenda: “The previous Government laid out an ambitious plan to improve our education system Australia-wide, but no one has taken a similar national approach to equipping young drivers with the skills needed to survive on our roads.

“Other countries have dedicated programs that gradually expose young people to the dynamics and responsibilities of driving. I believe this country owes it to our kids and their parents to instil an attitude that driving is a serious responsibility and a privilege.”

If you want to find more about the policies of the AMEP, then check out the party’s official website.

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