Porsche 918 under promises and over delivers

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Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Package

On paper the Porsche 918 Spyder is the least impressive of the three hybrid hypercars, which also includes the LaFerrari and McLaren P1. Yet, Porsche is playing it smart by making claims it can back up and letting the results do the talking.

The headline act for the 918 is its sub-7 minute Nürburgring lap time, which as a marketing exercise has worked wonders for Stuttgart. As opposed to the PR disaster witnessed by Woking.

Back in May we saw Porsche update the claimed performance numbers for the 918 Spyder fitted with the go-faster Wiessach Package. They did it again when the car was officially revealed in Frankfurt. And now, once more, Porsche is dropping us a quick presser to let us know the 918 is even faster than first thought.

0–100km/h: 2.6s (down from 2.8s)
0–200km/h: 7.5s (down from 7.7s)
0–300km/h: 19.9s (down from 22.0s)

Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Package

Final tuning measures for Porsche hybrid super sportscar

918 Spyder beats own benchmark values

Stuttgart. Shortly before delivery of the first vehicles, the Porsche 918 Spyder1) is beating its own benchmark values. Marking the success of the final tuning measures, the Porsche super sportscar is now even more capable of putting in a strong sprinting performance. With the weight-optimised Weissach package fitted, the vehicle now accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just 2.6 seconds (-0.2 seconds), from zero to 200 km/h in 7.2 seconds (-0.5 seconds), and passes the 300 km/h mark after 19.9 seconds (-2.1 seconds). Dr. Frank-Steffen Walliser, Senior Vice President 918 Spyder, highlights the significance of these results: “We have now used all options available to electrify the 918 Spyder, working right up to the last minute to do so.”

The enhancements also bring benefits in terms of the electrical performance delivered by the hybrid super sportscar. The two electric motors on the front and rear axle allow the 918 Spyder to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds, without producing any emissions. Such a performance marks a reduction of seven tenths of a second on the previous time. With the Weissach package fitted, this electric sprinting time is reduced to 6.1 seconds.

The 918 Spyder complete with Weissach package2) Currently holds the lap record for road vehicles on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, boasting a time of 6:57 minutes. At the same time, as a vehicle delivering particularly low consumption and emission figures, the model is certified to efficiency class A+. With the Weissach package fitted, the vehicle’s total NEDC fuel consumption amounts to 3.0 l/100 km (3.1 l/100 km without the Weissach package). That equates to CO2 emissions of 70 g/km (72 g/km without the Weissach package). The level of energy consumption was determined to be 12.7 kWh/100 km during the approval cycle.

1) 918 Spyder: combined fuel consumption: 3.1 litres/100 km; combined energy consumption: 12.7 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions: 72 g/km
2) 918 Spyder fitted with the Weissach package: combined fuel consumption: 3.0 litres/100 km; combined energy consumption: 12.7 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions: 70 g/km