Paul Walker 1973–2013

Paul Walker

You’ve no doubt heard the news that Paul Walker, lead actor from The fast and the furious movie franchise, was killed in a car accident on the weekend. We’ve never really liked the F&F movies and don’t really know too much about Walker. But this quote from Andy Harriss, who worked with Walker on F&F6, gives us an insight into the type of guy he was:

Over the years I’ve often recollected the phrase ‘never meet your heroes’ as they’re never as cool as you expect them to be. Well, in this case I met one of my heroes and he was pretty cool – a film star who loved fast cars, and in the short time I worked alongside him it seemed as though he’d never let the fame go to his head. I genuinely feel like we’ve all lost someone in a tragic way, and that many of us appreciate what he’s done for the car culture we all love globally.

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Sorry, but the F&F movies makes car culture look like bike culture. Shame he died, but he never helped real motorists with his films.

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