Excessive speed not a factor in Schumacher accident

2012 European Grand Prix

French investigators have studied a helmet-mounted camera worn by Michael Schumacher and discovered reckless speed was not the cause of his accident.

“We know precisely what path Schumacher was skiing along,” said Public prosecutor Patrick Quincy. “We will be able to say with as much precision as is ever possible, how the accident came about.”

Based on the footage the investigators have said Michael was approximately 8m from the groomed trail and he hit a rock, which caused him to fall.

“We cannot recognise [from the footage] that he was traveling at a particularly high speed,” police commander Stephane Bozon said. He later commented that Schumacher was moving “at the standard speed of an experience skier.”

Meanwhile, Michael remains in an induced coma and in a critical condition. We all hope Michael will resume full fitness, but if he does it will take a long time.

Michael’s wife, Corinna, has asked the media pack outside the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire in Grenoble for privacy.

“It is important for me that you take the pressure off the doctors and the hospital, so that they can work in peace,” she said. “Please trust their statements and leave the clinic. Please leave our family in peace, too.”

[Source: Deutsche Welle | Pic: Mercedes AMG]