Porsche brings halt to 911 GT3 fire sales

Porsche 911 GT3 fire sale

Porsche has reacted quickly to reports of its current 911 GT3 model catching on fire. As the screen grab above shows Porsche is officially owning up to two incidents of fire with the GT3, although unconfirmed reports on the interwebz claim as many as five GT3s have become carbecues.

After reporting on the Swiss GT3 fire we asked Porsche for an official response:

AUSmotive: Are you able to confirm or provide any comment regarding speculation that deliveries of all new 911 GT3s have been suspended while Porsche investigates the cause for a series of alleged fires with the cars?
Porsche: Porsche is investigating the case and, if necessary, will inform customers and the public as quickly as possible about the results of the investigation.

There’s also a report from a 991 GT3 owner  on the Aussie Exotics forum that local deliveries have been suspended while Porsche investigates the issue.

We didn’t win OzLotto last night but when we do land those winning numbers we’ll still be putting an order in for a 911 GT3!

[Source: CNBC | Thanks to Wayne & John for the tips]

Porsche 911 GT3 fire sale