VIDEO: Episode 4 of Project Binky

Project Binky

Richard and Nik are back with the latest update on Project Binky. Without giving anything away they’ve made made great progress and are in fine form.

We like this bit of text from the YouTube description:

“It finally dawns on us that it just might be possible to get the 3SGTE engine in the car and the project might just work!”

Our question, had we been organised enough to ask it in time for the Q&A session, would have been: “Did you spend any time making sure these two cars could actually fit together before you started, or are you really just working it out as you go along?”

That statement above kind of answers our question, we think, and scares us a little at the same time!

The best news is the view counts for all Project Binky episodes have really increased in the last month or so and these guys are finally getting some of the credit and attention they deserve.

Crack on lads!