Alfa Romeo’s charge of the light brigade

Batshit crazy headlight design

The Alfa Romeo 4C is universally admired for its flowing curves and general good looks. That is until you get to the batshit crazy headlight cluster of the coupé. It’s the pimple on the nose of the 4C and, of course, there’s two of the bloody things!

When Alfa released the 4C Spider the world was pleased to learn that a more conventional headlight treatment was included. We’re not usually beacons for conservatism here at AUSmotive, but this new old approach to the headlights on the Spider does offer a more pleasing result that, finally, allows the eyes to pore over every gorgeous detail of the 4C without that last moment gasp of horror.

Thankfully, that new headlight treatment will also be made available on the 4C coupé as well as the Spider. But, if you’re one of the few who prefers the batshit crazy look—and there will be some of you, bless—you’ll be pleased to know the original lights will remain standard equipment and the conventional lights from the Spider will be optional.

The Spider will only be offered with the lights it debuted with in Geneva.

[Source: Autocar]