Porsche flat-four to nudge 300kW

981 Porsche Cayman S

Matthias Müller, the bloke running Porsche, says the company will downsize to four cylinder engines for the next-gen Boxster and Cayman. This we pretty much knew already, but Mr Müller has given us some tasty morsels about what the new four-pots engines will be capable of.

“We will continue with the downsizing strategy and develop a new four-cylinder boxer engine which will see service in the next-generation Boxster and Cayman,” Müller explained. “We will not separate ourselves from efforts to reduce CO2.”

Of course the discussion turned to predicted power outputs. “Up to 400PS,” was Müller’s reply. That’s 395hp or 295kW for those of us in the 21st century.

Keep in mind the most powerful factory 981 Cayman you can buy, the recently announced GTS, only produces 250kW from its 3.4 litre flat-six.

Müller didn’t seem to mention it but you can expect the new flat-four to achieve its power thanks to forced induction. Will that be one or two turbos Mr Müller?

Near on 300kW from a four cylinder? Take that Mercedes and Volkswagen!

[Source: Autocar | Thanks to John for the tip]

6 replies on “Porsche flat-four to nudge 300kW”

It will be a low revving boost monster, akin to current F1, probably sound crap also.
The smart ones will get the new GTS and tune it to just over the current 991 base model 3.4 F6.

@rPar – it’s the other way around, actually. To work around some legal issue, when they were merged it was technically the corporate structure of Porsche which took over Volkswagen!

For Porsche to place the Cayman/Boxter at 300kw, then they will need to place the base 911 above 300kw… I can’t see them squeeze over 300kw from a 3.4 F6 in the base 991, CS (3.8L) perhaps but not base 911.

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