Porsche F1 rumours fire up again?

GT Porsche tweet

In its own words the @GTPorsche twitter account represents the “biggest independent print and digital Porsche magazine”. Yet, often what this account says has a track record of becoming official from Porsche shortly thereafter.

Our observations lead us to believe they either have impeccable outside sources or the ear of some influential people inside the walls at Porsche. So it is with some alarm we read this morning’s tweet suggesting a possible/probable Porsche return to Formula 1, which you can see above.

The link to Red Bull is interesting also, given the current struggles with Renault in the new V6 power unit era. You’d expect Renault to get on top of things eventually, but you can bet Red Bull has thought about different engine suppliers several times in the last couple of months.

The return of Porsche to Formula 1 has been rumoured several times in recent years and had thought to have been put to bed now that the Porsche LMP1 program is weeks away from its return to competition at the 6 Hours of Silverstone on 20 April.

Indeed, just a couple of weeks ago the topic was mentioned here on AUSmotive, when Wolfgang Hatz, Porsche research and development boss, spoke about the company’s discussions prior to announcing its return to tackle Le Mans. And that decision made almost three years ago!

Our understanding is Porsche has given its LMP1 program a minimum three-year commitment. Would Porsche really run concurrent LMP1 and F1 programs? Would Porsche really return to F1 at all?