Re-introducing the Porsche 718

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Porsche 718 rendering

Porsche plans to introduce a sub-Boxster model called the 718 roadster and it will be on sale in 2016, according to various media outlets. We say “re-introducing” the 718 because those of you playing at home may recall there was a 718 open-top racecar back in the late 1950s. This time, though, we’re talking full production-spec road car.

Talk of a baby Boxster has been around for a few years now, with the predicted MiMo platform spawning models for Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen. It’s not clear if that will be the case for the 718, but we’re told it will be built using modified Boxster architecture with a sub-1200kg target weight. The wheelbase, for example, will be the same as the Boxster, although the 718 will have a completely new body with more compact dimensions.

In a bid to keep weight down the 718 will employ a manually operated canvas roof with a lightweight perspex rear window. Inside, too, the cabin will be sparse and feature minimal equipment.

The 718 will be powered by Porsche’s new four-cylinder engine range and is designed to compete with the likes of the Alfa Romeo 4C.

Porsche is being a bit sneaky with the 718 as well. Timed to be introduced around the same time as the Boxster/Cayman facelift the presence of a cheaper model will enable Porsche to push the Boxster/Cayman further upmarket. Which means more profits for them and dearer prices for us.

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Porsche 718 rendering