New owners, new nose!

2014 Monaco Grand Prix

Word in the Formula 1 pit lane says Caterham’s new owners are about to give the ungainly looking CT05 a development push which will include the welcome task of redesigning the car’s ugly nose.

It’s said that previous owner Tony Fernandes limited the budget on development of this year’s car while he was trying to find a buyer for the team.

Media reports have suggested a restyled scale model featuring a “more efficient nose” is undergoing wind tunnel testing in Toyota’s facility at Cologne, Germany. Once the team is happy the new nose will have to undergo a formal FIA crash test. Assuming the new nose passes that test we could see the new and hopefully better looking CT05 in time for the Belgian Grand Prix (24 August).

Christian Albers, former F1 driver and now part of Caterham’s trackside management team, said: “We obviously have a lot of work to do, but we’re prepared for the challenges ahead.”