Louis Chiron to inspire Veyron replacement

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Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse

As the all-conquering Bugatti Veyron begins to drive off into the distance word has come through that its replacement will be called the Chiron.

According to the Bugatti website, Louis Chiron helped forge the company’s strong racing heritage, as well as being a bit of a player:

Women had always been responsible for the most significant developments in Chiron’s life, and in fact his success with the fairer sex can be directly attributed to a woman – a Russian noblewoman who financed his private school education, music lessons, and courses in etiquette, thus providing the necessary training for him to become a true lady’s man.

Fortunately for Bugatti, Chiron was also able to score on the podium, as well as the dance floor:

Chiron won his first races with Bugatti’s Type Brescia, Type 30 and later the Type 35 and Type 35 B – all courtesy of the unwitting Hoffmann. Early highlights of his career were victories in the 1926 Grand Prix of Comminges and the 1927 Grand Prix of France as well as his fourth place that same year in the Grand Prix of Europe at Brooklands, England. In 1928, Chiron joined the Bugatti company team and continued his winning streak in Rome, Reims, San Sebastian, and in the Grand Prix of Europe at Monza.

For more details about what we can expect form the Chiron, predicted to boast 1100kW, read our previous update from last month.

[Source: Car & Driver]