Rocketman could be set for relaunch

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MINI Rocketman Concept

The little Rocketman concept is the coolest thing MINI has made in recent memory and it’s a real shame we’ve not really had much to report on in the last couple of years. That’s all changed in the last few days, thanks to a report from Auto Express.

We were big fans when the original Rocketman concept was shown back in 2011 and talk of it becoming a production model put a broad smile on our faces. That was soon taken away when production costs for the small city car were deemed too high to turn the plucky concept into a shiny reality.

However, MINI head of design, Anders Warming, is erm, warming to the idea of putting the Rocketman back on the agenda.

“For sure, a MINI should always be a small car, so [a new city car] would be appropriate for the brand,” Warming told Auto Express. “At the moment, we don’t have the right tech solutions, but we are working on it. We don’t yet have a final solution, you could say.”

Warming has also hinted at the direction some of those solutions may take, saying carbon fibre is not the way forward for the Rocketman.

“I don’t believe carbon fibre is the route to a superlight MINI,” Warming added. “Our concepts have had carbon parts, but aluminium is more likely. We want to reduce parts, to do more with less.”

The funky and minimal interior of the show car should remain if the production model gets approved.

“To have a great cabin, all you need is a great steering wheel, a seat and a great user interface. We want no superfluous parts. Driving in the city is stressful enough, so we need a reduction in the number of elements… True luxury is now simplicity.”

It would make sense for the Rocketman to be made as part of the BMW-Toyota agreement and we’re told to cross our fingers for a 2016 launch date.

[Source: Auto Express]