V8 Supercars: Ford’s Car of the Past?

Ford V8 Supercar

According to the rumours Ford will pull out of V8 Supercars at the end of the 2015 season. This, despite US powerhouse Penske signing a deal with Dick Johnson Racing. As it stands there will only be six Fords on the grid next year.

The mainstream media is bemoaning the end of the classic Ford v Holden rivalry. To be honest, it was that rivalry, and the organsiers’ pursuit of it post the Nissan GT-R era, that lost me to local touring car racing. It was just too contrived and too insular for me. I liked the variety of the pre-V8 Supercars era. Where I used to follow the local tintops with great enthusiasm I became moderately interested around Bathurst, but that was it.

Preivously, I’ve been sceptical of the Car of the Future concept, but thankfully for fans of the sport manufacturers like Nissan, Mercedes and Volvo have come on board.

Now that Ford looks increasingly likely to pull the pin—a reasonable decision given the lack of local product you would think—I find that my level of interest in this decision is incredibly low.

So, Ford will leave V8 Supercars. Does anyone really care?