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BBC sacks Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson to be sacked by BBC

According to media reports the BBC is ready to sack leading Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson. Two weeks after Clarkson was suspended and subject to an internal investigation the BBC has been able to confirm claims the outgoing host did assault a colleague.

It is believed the BBC investigation found that Clarkson verbally abused long-term Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon for 20 minutes before the “fracas” ended with a short 30 second physical assault from Clarkson.

The dispute reportedly began after a day of filming in North Yorkshire when Clarkson was unable to be given the hot meal he wanted—steak and chips—because the hotel they were staying in had stopped cooking for the night.

Around 12 months ago Clarkson was issued a “final warning” by the BBC after he was found to have used the racially offensive term “nigger” on camera. The footage was never broadcast by the BBC, but was discovered and published by British newspaper The Mirror.

Clarkson’s departure won’t officially mean the end for Top Gear with the BBC set to search for a replacement to join Richard Hammond and James May. Assuming, of course, Hammond and May choose to remain with the program.

Please god, don’t let it be British radio icon Chris Evans. He’s a bigger dickhead than Clarkson could ever be!

Lord Hall, Director General of the BBC, is expected to make an official announcement on Clarkson’s future later today.

There’s interesting times ahead for Top Gear and its fans. We’ll be watching the ongoing developments with keen interest.

[Source: The Telegraph]

UPDATE: It’s official, the BBC has sacked Jeremy Clarkson [read more].

18 replies on “BBC sacks Jeremy Clarkson”

Probably fair enough. My vote is for Alan Partridge… I mean Steve Coogan to fill the vacancy

Unless I’m mistaken, there’s still 2-3 hours of unseen footage in the vaults. I hope it sees the light of day, regardless of whatever else happens.

I think Chris Harris would be perfect. Funny, eloquent, knowledgeable and would appeal to a younger demographic. Unfortunately he isn’t well known outside the petrol head community, which would probably count him out.

Yes, I’ll join the Chris Harris chorus, although I’m not sure how his personality would mix with the other two. Perhaps an altogether new show for Harris?

I wish someone would just cull the whole show. I’m over it, jumped the shark a long time ago.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Arrogant d#*k, has been the worst part of the whole production for years.

Fingers crossed for Chris Harris

Someone suggested Sabine Schmitt. She’s great, and already has chemistry with James and Richard. It might work.

Chris Harris is also excellent but seems happy doing his own thing.

Clarkson is a motoring GOD, he will be back,

AJ are you a green voting soy latte drinking inner city nanny state melbourne person by chance?

Chris is a real car guy, can drive, drift and knows how they work, not suitable for a show that is part comedy (sometimes that’s debatable) and part car stuff, which appeals to a broad global (automotive) ignorant audience. I think TG is gone, forever, to re appear in some form on a commercial station.

AJ, why don’t you go stand in front of a bull dozer and turn yourself into compost. That will help the environment more than banning a 350million+ entertainer. You nanny nay sayer.

Alex. Nothing green or soy going on here, pretty much the opposite actually, just not sad to see him gone. I’m sure you are right though, he’ll certainly be back somewhere down the track. Actually I didn’t mind they guy years ago, perhaps a dose or reality will be be good for the guy when he does re-emerge. Or perhaps not, who knows.

Not even going to bother with you Rod.

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