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Ferrari F70 supercar rendered again

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In a preview for their latest edition Autocar has produced this rendering for the upcoming Ferrari F70. We reckon it’s a much better effort than the last effort we showed you back in September. The Autocar preview also states the new Enzo will be “the closest vehicle to an F1 car ever made for the […]

Work experience kid disguises Ferrari F70

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Car companies go to elaborate lengths to camouflage their cars early in their development cycles. BMW has the famous swirly vinyl graphics and Ferrari; well, Ferrari has this beaten up gaping mouth arrangement that could only have been done by the work experience kid. Beneath that mashed up disguise, we believe, is the new F70 […]

Ferrari F70 supercar rendered

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KGP Photography has had a crack at rendering the new Ferrari F70 supercar. What do you think? The look shown above is heavily influenced by the 458 Italia, notably the headlights and rear deck. Overall it’s a bit fussy, but if the real F70 looked like this we can’t see too many people complaining. The […]

VIDEO: Ferrari F70 spied on streets of Maranello

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A Ferrari F70 prototype was recently filmed prowling the streets of Maranello. Sadly, there wasn’t much drama, just some tootling about town. As a result we can’t tell you much more than what we’ve already reported/speculated. To recap, we’re expecting the F70 to be powered by a 7.3 litre V12. This will be complemented by […]

Ferrari F70 expected to use 7.3 litre V12

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It’s been almost a year since we had any news on Ferrari’s replacement for the decade-old Enzo, but now reports have emerged which start to paint a clearer picture. First, Ferrari could return to a more traditional badge by labelling the car the F70. Secondly, more concrete speculation says the Enzo replacement will be powered […]

The face of Ferrari’s new F70 hypercar

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This blurry image is believed to be our first look at the new Ferrari F70. The photo was taken at a special display on show at Ferrari’s Finali Mondiali dinner held in Valencia last weekend. The wording beneath the display reads: “A client focused approach with the most complete range ever.” The Enzo replacement is […]

Ferrari ‘F70’ scheduled for Detroit in January

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Ferrari’s Enzo replacement, tentatively called the F70, is due to be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January, Inside Line reports. This supports news from earlier this year suggesting the F70 would debut in either Detroit or Geneva. Said to have around 900hp from its 7.3 litre V12 engine, complemented with F1-inspired HY-KERS hybrid […]

Ferrari ‘F70’ launch plans revealed

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Ferrari Chairman, Luca di Montezemolo, has revealed that the company’s Enzo replacement, currently being referred to as the F70, will debut at an invitation only event towards the end of this year. Following that the limited-run hypercar will make a full public debut at either the Detroit or Geneva motor shows. Speaking to Automotive News […]

Seven-figure Ferrari F150 already sold out

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We’re yet to officially see the new Ferrari F150, the much anticipated successor to the Enzo. It’s expected Ferrari will produce only 499 F150s and according to Fiat CEO, Sergio Marchionne, the car is already sold out. Not a bad effort for a car which will likely have an asking price of €1 million. That […]

Looking back at the new Ferrari F150

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Earlier in the month we got a look at the front of the Ferrari F70. Now, the Ferrari website is teasing the F70’s backside, as well as its front, with a page titled “Special Limited Series”. And what do you know, Ferrari’s new hypercar isn’t going to be called the F70 at all, rather the […]

Audi diesel hybrid has McLaren P1 in its sights

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Audi is proposing to create a new model that would sit above its R8 supercar (pictured). Not only that, according to quattro GmbH boss, Franciscus Van Meel, if it gets built it will be better than the yet to be released McLaren P1 hypercar. Expected to be powered by a diesel-electric hybrid drivetrain it will […]