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VIDEO: BMW X4 v Porsche Macan

If you can stomach the planet’s insatiable desire for SUVs then you’ll be primed for this review from Autocar. It’s the BMW X4 up against the Porsche Macan. Two SUVs likely to polarise opinions on numerous levels, but two SUVs that are likely to be among the best in their class. Specifically, Autocar has compared […]

LA 2013: Porsche Macan revealed

Porsche has revealed its new Macan SUV in separate launch events at motor shows in LA and Tokyo. Of course, Porsche ambassador Maria Sharapova could only be in one place at once and LA got the sweets on that front. The Macan is destined to be Porsche’s best selling model and if you have a […]

Porsche Macan S next inline for leaked pics

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We’ve already been given a sneak peek at the new Porsche Macan, but here’s another couple of pics to check out before the official reveal. The Macan S is expected to be powered by a turbocharged 3.6 litre V6 producing 320hp (240kW). Entry level models are understood to be powered by four cylinder engines, while […]

No need to wait for the official Porsche Macan launch

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The Porsche Macan is the latest new model to be revealed thanks to the emergence of unauthorised images hitting the web before the official launch. Here you can see a series of images released from a forthcoming issue of Auto Motor und Sport. Our first impression is one of approval although the styling of that […]

Porsche Macan details leaked and more

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Jalopnik brings word of a series of leaked slides, allegedly from a Porsche dealer function in Atlanta, Georgia. First up is info on the Macan SUV. From that info we get a re-confirmation that the Macan will be revealed at the LA Auto Show in November. But we now know (or think we know) the […]

Porsche Macan Turbo spied in LA

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This amateur spy shot gives us a pretty good look at the back of what is most likely a Porsche Macan Turbo; those quad tail pipes tell a story. While at first glance the Macan looks just like a baby Cayenne we can see the rear window is angled more aggressively for the smaller SUV. […]

Porsche Macan on track for mid-2014 release

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It’s been a while since we’ve had any news on the Porsche Macan. Stuttgart’s baby SUV is expected to become the company’s best seller, with annual sales as high as 75,000 units being discussed. It’s market launch is predicted to take place a bit under 12 months from now. As you might expect Porsche claims […]

VIDEO: BMX bandits chase down Porsche Macan

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Okay, we may have been a little bit creative with the headline, but this short video of the Porsche Macan does at least have all the ingedients. The clip doesn’t give too much away in terms of engine sound or anything like that. However, we do get a pretty good view of the Macan from […]

Porsche Macan SUV rendered

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Following the recent round of Porsche Macan spy shots, Dan Buzdugan from PS-Garage has had a crack at removing the camouflage and produced the rendering you see above. In black it’s a little hard to make out the finer details, but as a first guess it’s very useful. You can see a clear resemblance to […]

Porsche Macan SUV seen out on the growl

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Here’s your first look at the new Porsche Macan SUV. It’s built on the same platform as the Audi Q5, but as you can see strikes a strong resemblance to Porsche’s bigger Cayenne. If you check out the pics from Piston Spy though, you’ll see the makings of a more unique shape for the Macan. […]

Porsche Macan Turbo to strike new niche

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Porsche hopes its mid-size Macan SUV will discover a new high-powered nook to position itself when they stuff a 370hp (275kW) turbocharged engine under the bonnet, Autocar reports. Currently there’s no über powerful products in the Macan’s class, although there have been reports of a 300hp Audi Q3 RS versus 320hp BMW X1 M battle […]

The Porsche Macan is like a tiger

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The yet to be born baby SUV from Porsche has been given a new name: Macan. Porsche inform Macan is the Indonesian word for tiger and “combines suppleness, power, fascination and dynamics”. Previously referred to by Porsche as the Cajun the new SUV will be built in Leipzig and is scheduled to hit the market […]