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Jay Leno and the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

The recent Jay Leno European tour has already taken in Wolfsburg and Woking and now the Chambray Chin has sung for his supper at the AMG factory near Stuttgart. He was humming with David Coulthard to the tune of the SLS AMG Roadster. Incidentally Jay, Roger Federer was the first. See, he can still beat […]

Jay Leno gets McLaren MP4-12C driving lesson

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Jay Leno has moved on from Volkswagen and over to England to tell us about taking delivery of his new McLaren MP4-12C. As well as hearing Leno’s life advice for Charlie Sheen we learn that chambray shirts and an endless budget don’t add up to a lot of talent when things get serious on the […]

Jay Leno files first new New Beetle “review”

The Chambray Chin has been granted the first opportunity to drive the new Volkswagen Beetle. It’s worth watching for the sights at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg and for his brief test in a 1938 model Beetle, but not so much for the new car. Calling it a review is probably a little generous. It’s certainly […]

Jay Leno on the Porsche 918 Spyder

AUSmotive is fast becoming Porsche 918 Spyder central; this is the fourth article on the hybrid hypercar inside one week after all. However, this close up look provided by Jay Leno is one of the best opportunities yet to get a good understanding of the 918’s finer details. The chemistry between Jay and Porsche Design […]

Jay Leno gives McLaren MP4-12C thumbs up

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Top Gear fans will recall Jay Leno was in Britain earlier this year waxing lyrical with Jeremy Clarkson. It seems while he was at the Top Gear test track he also got some time inside a McLaren MP4-12C. As one might expect, this encouraged Leno to wax lyrical some more. This time about the new […]

Top Gear – Jay Leno preview

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American talk show host and genuine car nut Jay Leno will be making his Top Gear debut in tomorrow night’s episode of Top Gear (Series 13, Episode 7). This clip features some behind the scenes footage of Leno filming his Star in a reasonably priced car segment. A full preview of the final episode for […]

Jay Leno talks about his MINI E

This clip, from, shows well known car nut and TV guy Jay Leno talking about the MINI E. The film runs for 10 minutes and gives a pretty good inside look at MINI’s electric coupé, including some techno banter and a drive review. Source: via MotoringFile

VIDEO: Open to enthusiasts

Mercedes-Benz has just released this promo clip for its new SLS AMG Roadster. To be honest, the clip does a pretty good job and, if you ask us, they could have saved Jay Leno’s plane fare. We’d still prefer a Gullwing, though. Check out the clip below and let us know what you think.

Williams and Jaguar join forces to build C-X75

Jaguar has announced a partnership with the Williams F1 team that will see the C-X75 concept car from last year’s Paris Motor Show come to life. The hybrid powered concept used a pair of gas turbine engines to recharge the batteries for the electric motors found at each wheel. However, the transformation from concept to […]

McLaren MP4-12C makes North American debut

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McLaren Automotive are taking their new MP4-12C supercar on a North American road trip. They kicked off the tour at the recent Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The Governator was on hand to sign a few autographs. McLaren design chief Frank Stephenson was also on hand to show Arnie where the engine is. Video and pics […]

Tanner Foust – Street Drift: Mulholland

If you know a little bit about the competitive drifting scene then you’ll know the name Tanner Foust. If you’ve never heard of him, watch and learn as he drifts his 600hp V8 powered Scion tC around a two-mile closed section of LA’s renowned Mulholland Drive. If you didn’t know, the Scion tC is actually […]

Rendezvous? S’il vous plait!

Hollywood car guy Jay Leno has attempted one of the biggest car movie heists of all time. In this video The fast and the famous Leno says he was inspired by the iconic 1976 Claude Lelouch short film C’était un rendez-vous, better known simply as Rendezvous—a 9 minute wonder filmed, in one take, on the […]