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VIDEO: At the wheel of a BMW M3 DTM

Last year BMW returned to DTM racing and did so in style by winning the drivers’ and constructors’ titles. This week Chris Harris takes us inside the carbon fibre shell of the BMW M3 DTM. It starts off as a fairly regulated affair full of briefings and instructions. Soon enough Harris is let out on […]

Is this the coolest intro to a Grand Prix ever?

We’re to believe this animation was used as the opening sequence for the Brazilian Grand Prix by the home TV network. Whoever made it and wherever it was shown it is very bloody cool! Check it out after the break and watch one of the most fun histories of F1 you’re likely to see.

Mark Webber draws his own helmet

For a bit of light hearted fun Mark Webber was asked by PolePositionP1 to draw his Formula 1 car. As you’ll see in the video after the break Adrian Newey’s future and legacy is pretty safe as Mark decides his skills are inspired by the 1970s.

Porsche 911 Turbo S v McLaren MP4-12C Spider

A 991 Porsche 911 Turbo S up against a McLaren MP4-12C Spider; nice work Chris! The Porsche is cheaper, but is heavier and has less power than the 12C. So what do you think happens next? Well, it’s a bit like comparing a Golf GTI against a Megane RS265, just with an extra zero in […]

VIDEO: Ferrari Enzo on the go slow

The anonymous crusaders from Tax the Rich are back with this brief and very slow Ferrari Enzo video. It’s all the usual stuff, megabucks supercar being thrashed about some old farm buildings and muddy roads. And all filmed in super slow motion. Well, you would if you could!

Would you say no to the McLaren MP4-12C GT3?

Chris Harris was offered an impromptu drive of a McLaren MP4-12C GT3 and, for our benefit, of course, he cancelled his plans and took to the track. He discovered the brakes are first class, but the car’s front-end didn’t talk to him like he thought it might. A connection to the MP4-12C road car? Not […]

VIDEO: Episode 2 of Project Binky

Bad Obesession Motorsport is back with Episode 2 of its Project Binky experiment, where the aim is to fit a Celica GT4 drivetrain into the shell of an Austin Mini. Actually this episode was first published a few weeks ago and we just remembered to check on progress. And the good news is that means […]

VIDEO: Ken Block ‘Gymkhana Six’

Here’s the latest Ken Block Gymkhana video. Now in its six iteration Block returns with all the tyre smoking frivolities you expect from the master of spin. The stunts aren’t necessarily new, although there’s few new techniques, but this is just good, honest, rubber burning fun. Enjoy!

Chris Harris on the Ferrari F12 berlinetta

“There’s nothing the world needs less, and there’s nothing I want more. Because it’s the best car of its type I’ve ever driven!” Yes, it’s safe to say Chris Harris—who is now clearly back in Ferrari’s good books—loves the F12 berlinetta. Oh, a big pat on the back for regular cameraman Neil Carey, too, this […]

Styling v Design: What’s the difference?

We’d never heard of the Autoline Network before stumbling across this post on Autoblog, but we were intrigued by the promise of a discussion on styling versus design. Are they one and the same, or two completely different things? Jim Hall fronts a segment called Design Handbook and he has a crack at defining the […]

Murray Walker: It wasn’t work

In a nciely choreographed piece of timing Mario Muth is back with another in-depth interview, this time it’s F1 royalty with Murray Walker the man in front of the camera. Yesterday, of course, was Murray’s 90th birthday. The interview goes for almost an hour, at this stage we’re only half way through and already Murray […]

Chris Harris buys some bread

In his latest video Chris Harris shows us how he used his Ferrari 512 TR to buy some bread. As you can see, he even hams it up in a white linen suit to complete the Miami Vice look. Explaining his lack of talking, Harris notes: “When a car looks and sounds as good as […]

You’ve been thunderstruck!

Video of a Shelby Daytona Cobra, filmed at full noise on a race track is a very rare thing indeed. Especially when you consider only six of these American muscle cars were made (between 1964–65). Powered by a Ford 289 V8 this example sounds like thunder. We thank Marchettino for sharing this video with the […]