VIDEO: Ken Block ‘Gymkhana Seven’

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Ken Block goes all nuts about in a fully standert 1965 Ford Mustang on the streets of Los Angeles for his latest Gymkhana clip. Actually, on second thoughts, maybe that Mustang has had a few mods. After all, it is all-wheel drive and does have a fearsome 845 horsepower to play with. It even has […]

2014 Rally Spain in pictures

Rally Spain is the only mixed surface event on the WRC calendar. The opening day is on gravel, the remaining two days are on tarmac. It’s a huge test for the crews to work on the cars and make significant changes to setups during relatively short service stops. It’s also a big test for the […]

VIDEO: Ken Block ‘Gymkhana Six GoPro Edition’

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In November last year we got the latest installment of the Ken Block Gymkhana franchise. Now we’re being given another look at Gymkhana 6 through the eyes of GoPro cameras. And not just one camera, but dozens of the damn things. There must have been 10 or more fitted to Block’s Ford Fiesta alone, and […]

VIDEO: Ken Block ‘Gymkhana Six’

Here’s the latest Ken Block Gymkhana video. Now in its sixth iteration Block returns with all the tyre smoking frivolities you expect from the master of spin. The stunts aren’t necessarily new, although there’s few new techniques, but this is just good, honest, rubber burning fun. Enjoy!

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Six to debut on 11 November

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Ken Block is back with the sixth installment of his Gymkhana series. Well he will be next week, right now he’s just going around in circles with excitement in anticipation of his latest viral internet sensation advertising feature. But, like the suckers we are we’ll lap it up for the cheap entertainment thrills it provides. […]

Ken Block’s Gymkhana FIVE jumps early

At least an hour before its scheduled debut Ken Block’s Gymkhana FIVE has been released via YouTube. Set in San Francisco, the sub title sets the bar by stating it’s “an epic use of an iconic city.” Block’s latest Gymkhana franchise includes all the tricks you’ve seen before, including a cameo from Travis Pastrana as […]

VIDEO: Ken Block ‘Gymkhana 4’

The master of spin, Ken Block, is back with a new Gymkhana release. It’s the fourth in his well known franchise; we use that term deliberately as this latest video is packed with commercial content. Perhaps this should come as no surprise when the clip is sub-titled ‘The Hollywood Megamercial’. In GYM4 the driving is […]

Ken Block Gymkhana Grid invitational

On the weekend Ken Block and his mates were living it up at the Gymkhana Grid invitational. The event even carried the name of the internet’s Sultan of Sideways. Promising to be a donut, rubber-burning fuelled festival of spin where “your mind will be blown the f@#! away” it looks like the lads had fun. […]

Ken Block – Gymkhana Threepeat

It’s been a week since Ken Block’s Gymkhana Three video hit the tubes. Now, for your viewing convenience you can can watch all three Gymkhana videos in the one place. The YouTube clips for Gymkhana One, Two and Three are available after the break. Following an average of 1 million hits per day since last […]

Ken Block – Gymkhana Three

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As previewed earlier in the month Ken Block is back. The location for his latest rubber burning escapade? L’autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry in France. Why there? Perhaps the 51° banked corners had a fair bit to do with it. Sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy as Kenny rips his Ford Fiesta to shreds. Quite […]

Coming soon: Gymkhana 3

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It’s been over a year now since we first saw Ken Block light up the screens with his Gymkhana 2 video. Ken has now switched from Subaru to Ford power for his next feature. In fact, his new Fiesta has 650 horsepower. It can reach 100km/h in a staggering 1.9 seconds! Filming for Block’s Gymkhana […]