VIDEO: BMW 1M v Porsche Cayman R

BMW 1M v Porsche Cayman R

Is the Porsche Cayman R really a suitable rival for the cheaper BMW 1 Series M Coupé? Well, BMW themselves have compared the 1M to the Cayman S, so on pure stats it’s not too far from reality. Okay, in Australia, the Cayman R might cost a Golf GTI more than the 1M, but it is widely acknowledged as being a class-leader in the can’t-quite-afford-a-supercar sportscar market.

On that basis, then, it’s well worth seeing just how well BMW’s latest press darling matches up against a lighter and sharper Cayman. Thanks to Autocar, who have filed a video review, we can see how the baby M gets on.

[Thanks to James for the tip]