BMW Formula 1

A closer look at the BMW F1.08

The big improvers at the start of the 2008 Formula 1 season so far have been the BMW Sauber team. Robert Kubica all but took pole position in Melbourne and Nick Heidfeld followed up this promising sign finishing the race in second place. The following weekend in Malaysia, the team continued their good form with Kubica taking second place and Heifeld placing in the points in sixth place.

This promo clip from the excellent site gives a small insight into the BMW F1.08. Okay, it’s a fluffy promo piece with little in terms of technical detail, but it is worth a look!

BMW launched

BimmerFile header

My daily rounds of website scouting has seen me discover some good news for BMW fans. Gabriel Bridger of MotoringFile fame has just launched a new motoring blog called BimmerFile and yes, that’s right, it will focus on all things BMW. If Gabe’s new site is anything like his MINI site then this will be compulsory reading.