Porsche Macan on track for mid-2014 release

Porsche Macan prototype

It’s been a while since we’ve had any news on the Porsche Macan. Stuttgart’s baby SUV is expected to become the company’s best seller, with annual sales as high as 75,000 units being discussed. It’s market launch is predicted to take place a bit under 12 months from now.

As you might expect Porsche claims the Macan will be the sportiest mid-size SUV money can buy. The Macan Turbo is expected to give 400hp a nudge thanks to its twin-turbo 3.0 litre V6. It’s based on Audi’s MLB platform and Porsche has been fiddling around to achieve the dynamic handling it desires. One insider has reportedly said, “Audi cannot believe how much we have changed it.” A wider front track is said to be one of the more notable modifications.

Interestingly, the MLB platform and its engine-gearbox configuration is designed to suit FWD as well as AWD applications. Of course, Porsche won’t settle for FWD and all Macans will feature a four-wheel drive system.

[Source: Autocar]