Red Bull’s guide to the 2014 F1 season

Red Bull Racing has put together this nifty video guide for the 2014 F1 season. You’ll see our Daniel and their Sebastian go through the key points of difference between the 2013 cars and the new and so far troublesome RB10. If only the team’s pre-season testing went as smoothly as this!

Who is to blame for ugly F1 cars?

Aside from the reliability concerns facing teams this year, especially those with Renault power, the big story from Formula 1 pre-season has been the ugliness of the cars. While the variety of designs is welcome, the results are, in the main, just terrible to look at. The teams say it’s a result of the regulations, […]

2014 Red Bull Racing RB10 revealed

Red Bull Racing has just released studio images of its 2014 F1 car, the RB10. Yes, it has an anteater nose, but thankfully, Adrian Newey has overseen a clever use of paint and carbon fibre to help hide the ugly snout. Overall, we think this is the best looking car we’ve seen so far in […]